The Patchwork Marketplace is a website for camp and community recreation professionals to come together and share their expertise, insights and original resources with one another through paid and free downloadable products useful for camps, recreation departments, youth groups, after school programs, and other family and youth facilities, companies and organizations.

We firmly believe that even though camp and community recreation professionals “aren’t in it for the money” they should still be compensated for their hard work and great ideas. We also believe that giving everyone a chance to share their knowledge and ideas by selling their materials at a reasonable price will help the sector continue to grow and improve.

We want the Patchwork community to be built upon trust. Authors should only offer resources that they have produced or designed themselves. Resources should be free of technical issues, complete, and ready to be used upon download.

The Patchwork Marketplace was created by Curt “Moose” Jackson and Patti Sampson. You can find out more about us on our blogs.

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The Camp Nerd

We wanted our name to embody what we’re trying to accomplish with this marketplace, which is to celebrate the diversity within the recreation sector, while promoting a unified and supportive community.

In order to make a patchwork quilt you must stitch many different pieces of fabric together and place a single piece of fabric on the back as the finishing touch. The result is a beautiful, cohesive blanket that was created by connecting many unique individual parts.

The many facets of the recreation industry such as after school programs, senior recreation programs, camps, etc. (serving a variety of audiences) can come together on this platform with their unique perspectives to enrich and enhance the camp and community recreation sectors. Regardless of our specific clientele or focus, the thing that “backs” us all and unifies us is our recognition of the need for recreation opportunities in every community, and our desire to continue to improve the training, policies and program offerings to our users.