The hype of Pinterest has died down a little bit, it’s not new and fresh and shiny anymore so it seems like people are forgetting what an AMAZING resource it still is!!

We’ve rounded up 10 of our favourite Pinterest boards for you to check out. Full disclosure, we totally included our own three boards (Patchwork, RecPros, & Camp Nerd) but just because we own them doesn’t make them any less awesome! peh heh heh.

We tried to feature different kinds of board that would suit everyone’s needs, as well as lots of general camp boards too.

Tips for scrolling down

  • If you want to go to the board, click the name at the top. If you click any of the images, it will take you to that specific pin instead (you can still get to the board, it’s just a round about way)
  • You can actually scroll through a bunch of pins from here! I think that’s pretty cool!
  • You can follow the profile right from here. That’s neat too.

10 of our favourite boards

Mike “Moose” GreenfieldĀ  has some great camp boards including lots of theme ideas.
My favourite board is the Camp Craft Ideas – cause there’s a lot of Star Wars stuff featured!


CIC Summer Camp, or Columbia International College has a great Maker Space board and lots of tasty cooking ideas.


Don’t let the name fool ya! The ‘other’ Moose, Curt “Moose” Jackson’s Recreation Pros board is full of a zillion different camp theme ideas, and be sure to check out the Harry Potter Escape Room board while you’re there.


The Camp Hacker profile (is showing up funny below, but don’t let that stop you from checking it out!) has an awesome board all about Marketing Your Summer Camp, and their claim to fame is the Best Of: Summer Camp board, where a bunch of different camp pros have contributed pins to make it an awesome repository of favourite camp pins.


Summer Camp Secrets is all about travelling to work at summer camp (and travelling once camp has ended) so be sure to check out the Post Camp Travel board, and don’t forget to check the Costumes board for some fun ideas.



Patchwork Marketplace profile is a great place to check out all the resources, blog posts, and podcast episodes we have to offer, then safe them for later so you don’t forget to visit our site and check the out.
Adding Whimsy To Your Camp is one of my favourite boards of all time!


If you work with anyone who has any kind of disability or special need, you need to check out the Summer Camp TR profile. There are TONS of great ideas for making camp more accessible and inclusive. I recommend their Games Galore and Autism boards.


The Camp Nerd has boards just for camp directors & counsellors, check out the Camp Director Resources and Helpful Tips and Tricks for Counsellors.


STEAM Powered Family has SO. many. pins!
There are loads of great ideas for fun things to do with kids, I (obviously) recommend the Lego Learning and Fun board.


We Are Teachers has lots of awesome ideas for STEAM, animal studies, weather – all things that would transfer perfectly to a camp setting.
AND their profile is BEAUTIFUL! They have a logo featured pin on each of their boards… I’m totally doing that on the weekend.


So there you have it, 10 of our favourite Pinterest boards.
Did we miss any of your favourites? Share the link in the comment section below, or share the link for your awesome board! We’d love to follow you!

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