One of the main reasons camp staff experience the mid-summer slump is because they start to feel bored.

Their first few weeks of camp are SO exciting.

Everything feels new, they’re meeting new people, trying new dishes prepared by the camp chef, learning new games and songs… and then, the inevitable happens. It all starts to feel… mundane.

For obvious reasons (read: time and budget) camps will often recycle the same menu throughout the summer, usually on a two-week rotation and the same games, activities, and programs will be run over and over for the following reasons:

  1. They are camper favourites
  2. They meet the mandate of the camp
  3. The camp already has all of the supplies and equipment needed to run them
  4. The camp has invested time and money into teaching the staff how to run/ facilitate them
  5. The staff feel confident and comfortable with them (because of all that training, and now experience)

It makes sense, we get it.

But there are ways to tweak current activities, or infuse new ones into the schedule without a lot of additional time or money.

One easy way is to challenge each staff member to learn 1 new camp song that hasn’t been sung yet that summer. (Does anyone else get REALLY tired of hearing the same roster of songs at almost every campfire?)

Another is to have a mid-summer slump buster party, gather all of the staff together, have some snacks or a BBQ and teach them a bunch of new games. Be sure to include some team builders in there (because you may start to see some personality conflicts by mid summer).

Once you’ve learned some new songs, and updated or tweaked your schedule, be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them.
Your staff will be willing to go the extra mile even if they’re a little bored or tired, if they know their work is valued.

Here are some ideas from Patchwork.









So there you have it, some simple, inexpensive ways to beat the mid-summer slump.

We’d love to hear what your camp does to counteract the mid-summer slump, tell us about it in the comment section down below.

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