In today’s world, it’s important to develop a personal brand, especially in the digital space.
For those seeking new positions, for anyone starting out on their own in consulting or a new business, or even as a means to help promote the program that you’re currently working in, having a strong personal brand will showcase what you’re capable of and help create trust between you and your audience.

Creating a Patchwork store and sharing the resources that you’ve created will highlight your best work and show future employers or customers that you’re someone who has initiative, high standards, and a whole store full of resources you can use to create exceptional programs!!

Not to mention that you can make a little extra money on the side but selling the ideas that you’ve worked so hard on.

And if you’re not someone who’s interested in raising your profile or making extra money, you’re very happy working in the background without pats on the back or bags of cash, thankyouverymuch – then think of it this way. Every time someone shares their unique ideas on Patchwork, they’re contributing to elevating the industry and raising the level of care we all provide to the children and youth we’re responsible for.

By sharing your work and ideas, you’re helping another youth worker create an amazing experience for a whole new group of kids… who wouldn’t want to get behind that? (Annnd the extra money is just a happy little side-effect!)

It’s super easy to sign up as an author, and FREE!! It’s as simple as clicking this link.

We look forward to having you join our ranks and create a better camping and recreation industry.
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The Patchwork Marketplace is a website for camp and community recreation professionals to come together and share their expertise, insights and original resources with one another through paid and free downloadable products useful for camps, recreation departments, youth groups, after school programs, and other family and youth facilities, companies and organizations.

We firmly believe that even though camp and community recreation professionals “aren’t in it for the money” they should still be compensated for their hard work and great ideas. We also believe that giving everyone a chance to share their knowledge and ideas by selling their materials at a reasonable price will help the sector continue to grow and improve.

We want the Patchwork community to be built upon trust. Sellers should only offer resources that they have produced or designed themselves. Resources should be free of technical issues, complete, and ready to be used upon download.



All items must be downloadable. No physical products. This can include things like:

  • Activity Instructions
  • Staff Evaluation Templates
  • Lesson Plans
  • Blueprints
  • Printables
  • Worksheets
  • Planning Calendars
  • Products that aid in the creation of resources, including fonts, clipart, and other graphics

If you need some examples to get your brain juices flowing, scroll to the bottom.



  • Items that infringe on Copyrights or trademarks – Resources that aren’t the original authorship of the seller (your work must be your own, unless you’ve gotten permission).
  • Items requiring additional steps for Buyers to access their purchase. All digital resources should be accessible and downloadable directly from the Patchwork website.
  • Items that direct buyers to another online retailer. Resources that link to other online retailers or e-commerce sites.
  • Items that aren’t resources for recreation professionals. (gifts, apparel, swag, etc).
  • Physical Products. Everything must be downloadable.



There are many factors that play into this (how many products you offer, your price points, how much traffic the site gets, the quality of your products, what kind of products you’re offering, etc.). You could make enough for a nice dinner out or enough for a 7-day cruise. It’ll be fun to see what you can do.

It is free to become a seller. You will receive a 70% royalty per item sold. Minimum price of all resources must be at least $2.00.  



You must have a PayPal account to get paid. During the set-up of your store and profile you will be asked for the email address associated with your PayPal account. You can add this at any time. We will pay out by the 10th of each month for the previous month’s commissions.

Opening a PayPal account is free. Go to



We require that sellers have at least one resource available for the Earned Points System.

Each time a customer purchases a resource they earn points. They also earn points for other things like leaving reviews.

When a customer uses his or her points to “purchase” a resource (either in part or in full), neither Patchwork nor the author are compensated for the discounted portion. 

We have a specific page of resources that are eligible. Each author has at least one resource on there. Many authors have multiple resources available for point purchases because they know that if a customer likes their resource ,they are more inclined to purchase their other products.

The resource(s) you choose will still need to be priced fairly so that customers who don’t have points or don’t want to spend their points can purchase your resource. 

We offer this benefit to our members because…

  1. We believe this practice benefits the camp and recreation community as a whole.
  2. Free downloads serve as your introduction to your work. Therefore, you want to make sure they are good quality if you want customers to purchase your other items.
  3. The points program encourages buyers to return to the site. The more traffic the site has, the better it is for you and all Patchwork sellers.


General freebie guidelines:

  • They should be representative of your best work.
  • You should include your name and/or store URL on every page.
  • Make sure the cover is eye-catching.



We are not lawyers, so will not give any legal advice. The easiest thing to do is to only sell products that you’ve created yourself.

Of course, this begs the questions, “What if I created something for the organization or company I am working for? Who owns it?” The answer is…it depends. We don’t have the answer in your specific situation. We suggest you check with your local rules, organization’s intellectual property or copyright policy, and your employment agreement for what rights you may have to the resources you’ve created.

While it is expected that most of the products on Patchwork will be the works of the seller that was put together for the organization they were working for at the time, we ask that you take out any of the branding of that organization (unless it’s the organization or company who is selling it). In other words, if you are selling an instruction guide for a camp wide game you’ve created, and on the front page it says something like “Camp Lakota’s Guide to the Zombie Camp Wide Game”, it is suggested to take out anything that mentions Camp Lakota. However, it’s okay if it says your name – “Susie Diggle’s Guide to the Zombie Camp Wide Game” for instance.

But what if you want to sell a guide on running a Disney theme. There are fair use laws but they get a little tricky; the law can really only be interpreted by a Judge. The bottom line is that Patchwork will only take products down if we receive a notification of copyright or trademark infringement from the owner of that copyrighted or trademarked work.

Clipart and images are also something to be careful of and this will affect more people than the actual writing of a product. If you use an image, you should make sure you have the right to use it commercially. Saving and using an image from Google Images for something you are selling (or even freebies) is bad practice and may get you in trouble by the copyright holder. Again, it is your responsibility to ensure all portions of your product are legally and ethically sourced. We will not be policing this. We just want to make sure you stay out of a sticky court situation.



Email any of your questions to We will get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can email Curt or Patti directly.



Click here to register. Registration is automatic and you’ll be able to set up your profile and add products to your store immediately.



  • Campfire Stories
  • Craft Instructions
  • Drama Games
  • Instruction on Group Initiatives
  • Blueprints on Building Something
  • Skits
  • Nature Activities
  • Science Projects
  • 10 Ways to Improve Your Community Easter Event
  • Staff Evaluation Templates
  • Camper Behavior Program
  • Bullying Program
  • Cabin Discussion Cards Template
  • After School Program Guide
  • Family Camp Activity Set
  • How to Build a Santa Chair
  • Camp Wide Game Instructions
  • Carnival Game Building Instructions
  • Guide to Running a Day Camp at a Dance | Martial Arts | Gymnastics Studio
  • Guide to Running a Day Camp at a Museum
  • Pine Tree Lesson Plan
  • Chaparral Lesson Plan
  • Ocean Animals Lesson Plan
  • Family Fun Ideas for an RV Resort
  • Guide to Building a Rock Throwing Range
  • Theme Guide
  • Tips and Tricks on Getting Accredited
  • Yoga Class Lesson Plan
  • Evening Activity Instruction
  • 10 Games for Pre-School Age
  • CIT/ LIT Curriculum
  • Button/Pin Templates
  • Tips and Tricks on Staff Supervision
  • How to Run an Effective Group Interview Day
  • Budgeting 101 with Templates
  • How to Run a Home Party (marketing)
  • Faith Based Camp Lesson Plans
  • An Intro to Working with Special Needs Campers
  • Tips and Tricks for First Time Counselors
  • How to do a Color Run
  • Kangaroo Court Instructions
  • 10 Pool Games
  • Marketing Ideas
  • Outdoor Cooking Recipes
  • An Awesome Rainy (or blistering hot) Day Activities
  • Staff Training Lesson Plan
  • Time Management Techniques
  • A Guide to Leading Conference Workshops
  • Quick Guide to Starting a Gardening Program at Camp

Again, this is just an example list of possible items. There are thousands of downloadable products that would be great to sell in the Patchwork Marketplace.

However, please steer away from anything you’d find online for free. Group games and camp song lyrics are two things that come to mind. There are already sites online that offer standard songs and games free of charge. Our goal is to offer new and unique products in both our free and for sale categories. Of course, if you have a unique game that can’t be found online or you’re offering a song book, those are fine.

If you have an idea or two that you aren’t quite sure about, feel free to email us for our thoughts.