Some of the best food ever cooked is made over a campfire.

And if you’ve got some great cooks in place and a solid menu/ food ordering plan, non-campfire camp food can be AHH-Mazing too!

Check out some of our favourite campfire snacks, courtesy of Pinterest and stick around until the end for some camp food resources from a few of our awesome Patchwork authors.

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The classic campfire food.
But did  you know you can ‘fancy’ it up and make all different kinds of “gourmet” s’mores?

Banana Boat

This is a great way to have a bit of a healthier campfire snack, you don’t HAVE to add marshmallows, caramel chips, and other sweet treats, you can add some fruit instead.

Orange Cake

Or Orange brownies, or orange cinnamon roll… basically pour some batter in a hollowed out orange and love life (I don’t think there would be ‘pouring’ involved in the cinnamon roll, more like ‘placing’ but I’ve never actually done it, so I have no idea – Pinterest will know)


Mmmm… bannock … is it just me, or does everything taste EVEN better when it’s cooked on a stick over a fire?

Add some butter & jam, or a little cinnamon & sugar and YUM!

Campfire Cone

Similar to a banana boat – except that there’s no pretending it’s healthy.
It’s just plain decadent.

Campfire Nachos

BY FAR my favourite thing to cook over a campfire!
There’s something about those smokey nachos that is just SO yummy.

Is anyone else getting hungry?


Now for those food resources from our authors.


So there you have it, some of our favourite meals, and resources to share with your participants this summer.

What are your favourite camp meals? Tell us about it in the comment section below.
Have you tried any of the resources listed? Be sure to leave them a review to help other users find them.

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