Escape Rooms have been huge the last few years, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, one might even argue that they’re only growing in popularity. As more blogs, resources, and pins are created on how to make them at low-cost and high fun,┬ácamps, youth groups, and community centres are adopting them as marquee programs and fundraisers.

In fact, they’ve become so popular that there’s even an Escape Room World Championship!

So,why are escape rooms so popular?

There are so many reasons why escape rooms are hugely popular – but here are 8 good reasons they’re popular in camp and rec.

  • They’re fun
  • They’re a great team building activity
  • They don’t (have to) cost that much to create and run
  • They encourage creative problem solving and ‘outside the box’ (but inside the room!) thinking
  • They allow each team member to showcase their strength (at least, the well designed ones do)
  • They can be adapted to almost any space
  • They allow people to become the hero of their story
  • They can be adapted to almost any theme

We happen to have some very creative authors on Patchwork, who have put together some escape room resources for you. Check em’ out.
















And finally, if you’re feeling the desire to create your own escape room from scratch, to let your creative juices flow, and design a memorable program for your participants, here’s a helpful blog post to get you started.
If you DO decide to go the route of creating your own room, we would LOVE for you to head on over here and create a store to share it with your fellow camp and rec pros.


Have you run, or participated in an escape room program? Tell us your favourite part, or your best tips in the comment section below.

Happy gaming!


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