It’s not always to get conversations started among groups of kids who don’t know each other yet.

That’s why a lot of camp and rec programs do ice breakers as early on in the session as possible, but what about those ‘in between’ times? When kiddos are just arriving to the program, during down time, or at the end of the day?
It can be hard to get shy kids to join in, or to even talk to you!

Here are some suggestions from our Patchwork authors of fun ways to get your participants talking.

AND if you’re looking for some random, fun, (and maybe a little odd) questions to get your kids talking, check out our new podcast, where we ask two random questions at the end of every episode.

Conversation Starters

To get the convos started and end the silence!

Hem & Haw Game

Spice up your convo’s by making them into a fun game.

10 Minute Time Killers Vol 1 & 2

Break those awkward silences during transition and down times.

Reflective Questions

Wrap up the day with some reflective conversations.


What’s your go-to technique to get your participants talking?
ALSO we’d love to hear any suggestions you haveĀ  for the random questions we ask at the end of our podcasts.
Tell us about it in the comment section below.


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