Welcome to our four-part series on creating a product page that will show your resource in its best light.
Click here to see the first post in our series,  Creating an Effective Product Page: Thumbnails

This post focuses on creating resources, that make sharing previews easy.

Part 2: Creating a Cover Page for Your Resource

Canva works really well for this step too.
But you don’t have to use the custom dimensions setting for your resource, you can use one of the many amazing templates they offer.

Just click on the More button to see all of the types of templates available.


My favourites for creating resources are A4 because of the wide variety of templates available and ebooks for resources that are a little bit longer.



Bonus Tips for Choosing a Template
  • Make sure that you’re choosing a FREE template, just look for the free icon on the bottom right of the preview.
  • Previews that look like the top right hand corner is folded over mean that there are several pages of templates available. You can always add your own pages, but sometimes it’s nice to have the option of a template.













These simple tips will help you make your resources look great, and may even save you some time!

Check out our blog next week for tips on the best way to show previews of your resources.

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