This is part 4 of the Creating an Effective Product Page series. So far you’ve learned about creating thumbnails, creating a cover page, and uploading preview images.

This post is about creating the description of your resource.


When writing the description of your product, you want to be clear about what the product is all about.

How will is benefit the potential buyer? Here are some examples.

  • This resource will save you hours and hours coming up with your own activity.
  • Your campers will love this activity. It is kid tested and approved by many children.
  • Your staff will walk away from this training knowing exactly how to handle the situation if it arises.
  • The meals in this resource are easy enough for anyone to make and they taste amazing.

What are the features of your product/resource? Here are some examples.

  • In this PDF resource you will get step-by-step instructions on how to run this activity.
  • This resource has lots of photos so you can see exactly how it’s done.
  • I have included templates for you to use to make things easier.
  • Checklists for each step are included.
  • All the supplies needed are included.
  • As a customer of mine, you can email me any time with any questions you have.

We discussed writing the description. Now let’s dress it up and make it readable.


As you can see in this post, having headers helps readers to quickly see what each section of the post is all about. The same holds true for your products. Write headings to separate key parts of your description. Then go to the text option of the toolbar and choose  a heading size. In this post the “PART 4” heading is a size 4 heading and the “4 MORE WAYS” is a size 5 heading.



You can also just BOLD the text like I did here with “USE HEADERS” by highlighting the text and clicking B in the toolbar (or using Ctrl + B on your keyboard).


Speaking of BOLD, you may want to bring the reader’s attention to specific words or phrases by bolding them. You can highlight features, benefits or power words like fun, exciting and detailed.


People love to scan test instead of reading each word. That is why bullet lists are great. Make it easy for buyers to see what you are offering by listing your benefits, features, table of contents, etc.

Click on the bullet or number listing in the toolbar.





Adding images is a great way to sell your product. While you can use the PREVIEW IMAGES upload function when creating your sales page, I prefer to add images in the description text. This way you can resize it and place it where you want.

To do this simply click on ADD MEDIA in the toolbar.



Then click on UPLOAD FILES.



Next, click on SELECT FILES. Locate the image on your computer or external drive.


After uploading the image, click on it and make sure it has the checkmark in tha corner.



Then on the sidebar, click on INSERT INTO POST.



It will be inserted into your post. Now it’s time to move it if need be. Click on the image so that a small toolbar pops up.



If you want it inline with your text and to the right, click on the Align right icon. You can move the image higher or lower by clicking and dragging.



It looks too big. To adjust the size, click and hold one of the corner boxes and drag the image to the size you want.



That’s the basics of adding an image.



If you would like to add video from YouTube (or another video sharing site), follow these simple steps.

Go to the video page.



Click on “Share” and copy the URL.



Paste the URL in your description area.



And that’s it. When you post your product the video will show up.


To see a description page using all the tips above check out the Hip Pocket Activities Booklet Template page.

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