Are you a Patchwork seller or thinking about becoming one, but you’re just not sure how to upload your resources in a way that will highlight their best qualities.

Well this blog series is for you!

Welcome to our series on creating a product page that  will put your resource in its best light.


Part 1: Creating a Thumbnail

We ask that our sellers upload a thumbnail for each of their resources.

This is what you’ll see on your dashboard:

Our favourite site for graphics is Canva, it’s free and it’s really user-friendly, here are three quick tips to create the perfect thumbnail.

1.Open Canva and on the top right hand corner, click the use custom dimensions button.

2. Enter the dimensions 350 x 250 and click the design button

3. Use the tools on the left to create your thumbnail
Voilà, you have the perfect size thumbnail that you don’t have to crop or resize.

Having a great thumbnail will make your resource stand out, it’s a users first impression of your product.
Make it count.

Stay tuned for next week’s post when we talk about using Canva to make a cover page for your resource.

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