About the Product

If you are looking for some new interview questions this year, this is the resource you need. This is a collection of favorite interview questions gathered from many camp directors.

  • “Tell Us About You” Questions (What makes you remarkable?)
  • “Tell Us About a Time When You…” Questions (Tell us about a time when you were exhausted but had to maintain a high level of energy.)
  • Questions about an applicants Childhood Experiences (Have you had any experiences as a camper? What where the highlights? Were there any “lowlights”? If so, what would you do to ensure that would not happen to one of your campers?)
  • Questions about an applicants Work Experience (Who was your best boss and what was it like working for him or her? Likewise, who was your worst boss and what was that like?)
  • Questions about an applicants Experience with Children (Tell about a specific time when you had to entertain a child or group of children to keep them occupied on the spot. Describe the situation, what did you do, and finally, what was the outcome?)
  • Questions about Working at Camp (Imagine you are a camper. What three things would you consider important to making your week at camp a success?)
  • Scenario Questions (What would you do if a child was made fun of because she/he was too fat, wet the bed, or something physical they couldn’t help?)
  • Fun and Creative Questions (If you came with a warning label, what would it say?)
  • Miscellaneous Questions (Tell me about someone you admire, you would consider them a role model and tell me why you admire them?)
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