About the Product

Is your staff managing behaviors or are behaviors managing your staff?

Does the training topic “behavior management” conjure up feelings of angst and confusion for you and your staff?  For most, it does!  After all, we are Recreators, Camp Directors, and Camp Counselors – not Psychologists and Behavior Specialists, right?

That’s why I’m sharing my rendition of Behavior Management 101.  It’s a resource with just enough of what you need to teach your tribe and nothing more.  It’s years of trainings sharpened down to exactly what you need to share with your staff to help them feel comfortable and capable when behaviors are…well, let’s say less than desirable.

Included in this 6-page resource:

Preventive Measures

  • Structuring the environment
  • Communicating Expectations
  • Developing Consequences
  • Being Consistent

Behavior Modification Techniques

  • Definition
  • Techniques
  • Direct Responses
  • Non-Verbal Techniques
  • Time Outs & Safe Places
  • Behavior Charts
  • Implementing Behavior Management

Bonus – Inclusion & Accommodations Request Form

  • Sometimes less than desirable behaviors are due to more than kids seeking attention.  That’s why I’ve included this practical and easy to use form for parents to complete to share diagnoses and medical information that will ensure your staff understands the needs of the child.

My hope is that this concise training tool will help you simplify the monumental task of managing behaviors, so that your staff can spend more time on quality programming and less on managing inappropriate behaviors.  Good luck and have fun!

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