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220 Specially developed questions to get your campers talking to each other!

In this resource, you’ll receive over 220 great questions for starting conversations at camp! And, once you’ve exhausted these, you can ask your campers to come up with their own.

A well-worded question is the quickest way to connect at camp and a well worded answer is the best way to laugh, cry and get to know each other better!

The goal of using these conversation starters is to start and keep an interesting conversation going.

 Counselors can use these conversation starter questions to:

  • Break the ice
  • Fill some down time
  • Familiarize the campers with each other
  • Get to know their campers better
  • Change up the activity level of the day
  • Have campers work on speaking in front of a group
  • Delve deeply into the personas of their campers

 ADDED BONUS:  Camp Directors can use these at staff trainings to break the ice with new and returning staff!

With this resource, you’ll receive:

  • Powerpoints in B/W & Color
  • PDF’s in B/W & Color

of 224 thought provoking questions to laminate, cut out & carry around with you to have ready whenever the moment is right.  Good luck & have fun!

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