About the Product

I love to hike and I love seeing young campers hiking.  Besides the basic benefits of exercise and fresh air, hiking affords children so much more.  It’s an opportunity to calm and quiet themselves, to see things they rarely see in their daily life, and to experience nature up close and personal.  But, I know too that if campers are bored, hikes can and will fail.

                That’s where this 32-page resource comes into play!  I’ve loaded it with activities and information to help staff create the kind of hiking experience that leaves campers begging for more!

Included in this resource are:

  • Hiking Tips – Designed for Counselors who lead children on large group hikes (4 pages)
  • Interactive Staff Training – Educational and fun! (2 pages)
  •  Hiking Games – 25 Field tested and camper approved! (5 pages)
  • Themed Hikes – 12 Hikes with a special “spin” to keep your campers engaged (4 pages)
  • Scavenger Hunts – 3 Easy, Intermediate & Advanced hunts included (3 pages)
  • Hiking Chants – Because we know silent hikes only last for so long 😊 (7 pages)
  • Trail Bingo – To break up longer hikes into more manageable experiences (2 pages)
  • Trail Snacks – 5 Tried & true snacks your campers will love making and eating! (3 pages)
  • Hiking Blogs – 15 Fabulous blogs for your staff to check out and learn from (1 page)
  • Hiking Websites – 15 Informative sites to help you have fun on the trail! (1 page)

                Whether you work at a local day camp in the suburbs or a residential camp in the mountains, this resource is for you!  I’ve collected and organized all you’ll need to get your campers on the trail and having the time of their lives!  I hope you enjoy this resource!  Happy Trails!



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