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Escape Rooms are a type of physical adventure game in which a group of people are locked in a room and have to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit. Escape Room facilities can be found all over the world. While “Escape Room” is the most widely used term for these types of games, they have also been called Adventure Rooms and Exit Games. The mission of the group is not always to escape a locked room. Sometimes it’s to get into a secret box or to solve a mystery in a certain amount of time.
Nearly all Escape Rooms (or Adventure Rooms) have certain things in common…
  • There is a theme
  • Participants play in groups, not solo
  • er6smThere are a series of puzzles that must be solved
  • There is a time limit

In this ebook you’ll find…

  • A lot of different ideas on puzzles, clues and challenges
  • Theme and story ideas
  • A list of supplies and where to get them
  • Ways to supervise and give hints to groups
  • Alternatives to the Escape Room scenario

This is a great team-building program. It’s also a program that will require the purchase of supplies/equipment. While you could design a really elaborate set-up that can cost thousands of dollars, you can also do it on the cheap for a couple of hundred dollars or less, and we’ll explore these options in the ebook.

This is the only book that tackles the idea of escape rooms for camps. If your team building programs are becoming a little stale, this my be what you’re looking for.


Save Hours of Time

What is your time worth? This ebook will save you many, many hours creating a new type of team building program.

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This is a book in PDF format. All you need os Adobe Acrobat to view it, which is standard in nearly all computers these days. A link will be emailed to you when the ebook is ready.

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