About the Product

Camp-wide games can be amazing! It’s where you bring all the campers and staff together to play one large EPIC game. Camp-wide games can be exciting and memorable. They can spread out through your entire camp property or remain in one area.

There are camp games out there like Gold Rush that you can find online and have been played by camps for years. But as we all know, not all camps are created equal. A game like Gold Rush may not work for your camp, or maybe you played it and didn’t really enjoy it for one reason or another.

Why Create Your Own Camp-Wide Games

Great question! There are a number of reasons why you might want to create your own camp-wide game…

  • You can create the game to fit your location. Maybe you’re on a school site or you want to incorporate a river that runs through your property. There are hundreds of camp configurations and locations. Creating your own camp-wide game allows you to take advantage of your surroundings.
  • You can gear the game to a specific theme.
  • Creating a camp-wide game is a great team building experience for your leadership staff.
  • You can create the game to fit your budget.
  •  You can create a camp-wide game that is appropriate for the amount of staff and campers you have. Obviously a game for 50 campers and 7 staff will look much different than a game for 300 campers and 50 staff.

This book will give you all the tools necessary to create an amazing camp-wide game, including…

  • The elements that make up an epic all camp game
  • An easy to understand introduction to game mechanics
  • How to use game mechanics and how not to use them
  • Which game mechanics you must use in your game and which ones you can skip
  • How to improve games you may already be playing, like Capture the Flag
  • The best way to teach your new game to your staff so they know what to do and can answer camper questions
  • The best way to introduce the game to the campers
  • The best ways to keep campers informed on what’s going on during the game
  • The key thing you must do before you play any camp wide game with campers

You’re going to have a lot of fun just creating the game.

Save Hours of Time

What is your time worth? This ebook will save you many, many hours creating camp wide games that staff and campers will remember for years.

PDF eBook

This is a book in PDF format. All you need os Adobe Acrobat to view it, which is standard in nearly all computers these days. A link will be emailed to you when the ebook is ready.

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