About the Product

*In this 7 Page PDF, you will learn the process for creating straightforward staff training videos that will make YOU and your entire team effectively train staff in a totally new way.  We go through the different types of staff training, the planning process, how to make an outline, the tools you’ll need, method for recording, and how to share your videos!  It’s simple enough to take action, but still meaty enough so you can dig deep!

We all want our employees to be excited to work for us, ​but it can be difficult to build momentum for a new program or camp season if you don’t have an effective way to share your message. Training videos are a great way to add a human connection to your pre-season onboarding. In addition, videos make technical training a breeze. By sharing your screen, you can walk through difficult and time-consuming processes ONCE and then share it with staff. Overall, the adoption of online staff training is becoming common in our modern work environments. This is a low-cost way for you to raise the bar in your organization.

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