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Here’s a long running game show that is fun to watch because the audience can play along and it usually provides some laughs.

The name of the game show is Family Feud, but you might want to call it Cabin Feud, Color Feud, or something else that fits the way you’ve created your teams.

This PDF includes:

  • Supplies Needed
  • Set-Up Instructions and Ideas
  • Team Set-Up
  • Gameplay


Bonus: Survey Questions and Answers

The challenge with this game show is getting the answers for the game. I have provided over 30 questions and answers for you that were put together by Linda Archer, but at some point you’ll need to get some more. Luckily, you work at a place that has hundreds of people you can survey. Simply give each camper a sheet of questions each week. The answers can then be used for the following week or session.

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