About the Product

Instinct for Survival is a strategic and educational run-around game, where campers can choose to either “go it alone”, or stay as a team.

Campers are taking on the roles of different types of animals (herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores), all of whom live together in symbiosis. They all must find food and water and, depending on whicy type of animal they are, either avoid being captured or capture prey! Natural disasters are also on the loose, and they must survive through all kinds of terrors, such as famine, drought, fire and….MAN!”

The Instinct for Survival game is fun, strategic and educational…and boy will the campers tire themselves out doing some extremely necessary running and hiding!


We ran this game for 372 campers in total – 92% of all these campers LOVED the game! Older girls (11-16) really enjoyed this game in particular.


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