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As Camp Directors, we know that our camp staff is our #1 resource!  Good camp managers are in the practice of constantly observing staff.  Observations and the information gleaned from them serve as feedback on such things as training, readiness, safety, and camper-counselor interactions.

This resource form is a great tool to use to observe and document camp counselor performance while leading group activities.  Campers watch and learn from their camp counselors and therefore we must watch and learn from those same counselors.

  • Are they performing in a safe, appropriate and positive manner?
  • Are they performing based on the information they received at training?
  • Are they behaving like the role models we need them to be?

A great camp counselor can impact a camper’s life well beyond June, July & August.  This form will save you valuable time and will help directors and lead staff steer those impacts in the right direction!

Included in the resource is a Zip file with a Word doc as well as a PDF.

Feel free to use the form as a performance feedback tool during pre-season training, mid-season, and as part of a post-camp performance evaluation meetings.  Good luck & have fun!

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