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Do you find yourself going through the motions and simply asking your campers “How’d your day go?” or “Well, did ya’ll have fun?”  Why not delve deeper?  This creative resource is meant to be used at the end of the busy day to reflect on the memories being made at camp.  It’s one of my all-time favorite ways bring closure and calm to an otherwise wild and crazy day!

Benefits of Reflective Questioning:

  • Helping campers revisit and remember the different parts of their day that might otherwise escape them
  • It’s fun & educational for campers to hear the reflections of their peers
  • It’s beneficial for camp counselors to “touch-base” and hear how things went for the kids they lead
  • It brings positive, collective closure to your group at the close of the day
  • It teaches children the skill and art of introspection
  • It creates an environment for open discussion and public speaking

Included, you’ll receive  24 specially created end-of-day questions!   Use them by the lake after dinner, in the cabin before lights out, and even on the bus ride home at the end of a day camp!

Simply print, laminate, cut, and attach to colorful Popsicle sticks! You can use them over and over again!  Your campers will love the surprise of “which” question they or you pull from the jar!

Included in this resource are:

  • 24 Black & White Questions
  • 24 Bright Pink Questions
  • 24 Bright Blue Questions

Thanks for visiting!  Good luck and have fun! 

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