About the Product

A 10-question, editable word document is a self-evaluation form that staff members fill out before annual or mid-year evaluations.  These questions will allow your employees to reflect on the past year so that supervisors can have additional information for performance reviews.   I created these questions for my own employee evaluations, and found that this was a successful way to talk about last year’s performance.

An example of questions include:

  • What were some of the ah-ha moments you had in the past year? How did the challenges that you faced help you identify your strengths?
  • Were there any tasks or projects that took significant time and energy that were not planned? What was the impact of these projects, and how did they contribute overall to the team?

The word document can be completely editable to you.  There is a link to instructions that will allow you to turn this into an fillable locked form, similar to a pdf.

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