About the Product

See who you’ve hired and when you have them — at a glance!

There are three key areas to consider on this spreadsheet:

  1. Counselors required per group – The top section identifies how many counselors you’ll need per group. Develop this based on how many staff you had in each group last year, and then adjust it based on your budget and projections.
  2. Counselor counts – The second section breaks down the key information: total counselors you need for each week, total counselors you’ve already hired for each week, and (the key row!) whether you have a cushion, you’re just right, or if you need to hire more folks. (In my spreadsheet, rows 12, 13, and 14 calculate automatically.)
  3. Staff availability – You can also see which staff are available which weeks and how that affects your overall model. This portion can be especially useful if you have staff who take a week off here or there. You can see at a glance which staff are available each week, even if they have crazy summer schedules.
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