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What happens when you just don’t like the taste of water or you are tired of drinking just water? You might think to turn to sports drinks, pops, or even energy drinks! But before you consider those high sugary drinks, consider infusing your water. Infused water means “soaking” fruits, vegetables, and even herbs in water for a period of time. These infused drinks look great and are tasty waters to make sure you are reaching your minimum amount of water each day without any extra sugar or calorie intake.

The Infused Water Taste Testing Activity is facilitator led and nurtures a positive group discussion. This activity also promotes choosing water first and drinking your daily recommended amount. Participants will be inspired to be creative with colorful and simple ingredients! Activity can be done with any size group and can be done in any location, inside or outside (but preparation is best done in a kitchen).

PDF Includes:

-Lesson Plan (materials list and step by step facilitator instruction)
-Infused Water Recipe ideas
-My Flavor Idea Recipe Card for particpants

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