About the Product

Do you facilitate workshops that focus on team building, leadership, communication and problem-solving?

The Facilitator’s Guide to Debriefing is a back-pocket tool was made for you!

Based on the Processing Pinnacle (2006) by S.Simpson, D. Miller and B. Bocher, this guide will help you facilitate meaningful debriefs for your participants. There are 3 major parts of this guide:

  1. Intro & explanation of debriefing – what is it and why is it important?
  2. Sequential questions for debriefing – 7 themed question banks to help facilitators flow from easier fact-finding inquiries (“what?”) to more difficult analysis (“so what?”) and transference questions (“now what?”).
  3. Activities for debriefing – the basic information and procedures (as well as variations) for 14 creative debriefing activities you can facilitate after an experience.

This tool is best assembled to fit in your back pocket.  For best results, print in colour and cut out each page. Laminate for long life (plus it’s fun!).  Hole punch one corner and secure with a shower curtain ring!

I’d love to hear if you find this tool useful. Please leave a review 🙂

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