About the Product

While I hope this is information you and your staff never have to use, it would be unrealistic to assume that none of the youth we serve have been victims of abuse or neglect. It is our responsibility to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of youth while they are in our care, and respond when concerns arise about their wellbeing outside of our care.

These tools will help you train each of your staff to respond to suspected abuse and neglect with confidence, calm and compassion. This packet includes a basic overview of the signs of abuse and neglect, a suggested policy regarding staff response, and “dos and don’ts” for conversations with youth. A blank page is also included to use for printing your organization’s policy, any additional information you find appropriate, and your state’s specific legal requirements and contact information.

This resource is a part  of a youth work training series designed to efficiently and effectively train your staff. I developed this content as the director of a Boys & Girls Club where my staff provided youth development activities through a summer day camp, an after-school program, and family engagement events. Check the Corduroy’s Button store for more installments!

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