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What’s This? Two Thumbs Up – A Team Building and Icebreaker Game is an interactive and fun team building activity that helps teams to develop interpersonal relationships and expression of choice and opinion in team members. This great team building activity is a fantastic ice breaker game (with other ways of playing for more developed teams) that promotes communication and dialogue between team members along with power of choice and expressing of opinion. The activity is a series of themed cards that have learners express their top pick – and then solicit feedback from the other team members. It is a fantastic way to share opinion, establish common connections and have a few laughs.  It is the perfect addition to your team building tool kit for project managers, leaders and facilitators alike. It is a download and go solution.

Great For: Fun team building and icebreaker event that requires little explanation, great way to learn new things about each other, prepares team provide feedback to each other, engage in some low risk conversations, and develop interpersonal relationships with the team. This game can also grow as your group maturity level increases.

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