What is Patchwork Marketplace?

Patchwork Marketplace is a website for camp and community recreation professionals to come together and share their expertise, insights and original resources with one another through paid and free downloadable products useful for camps, recreation departments, youth groups, after school programs, and other family and youth facilities, companies and organizations.

We firmly believe that even though camp and community recreation professionals “aren’t in it for the money” they should still be compensated for their hard work and great ideas. We also believe that giving everyone a chance to share their knowledge and ideas by selling their materials at a reasonable price will help the sector continue to grow and improve.

What is the cost to join?

It is free to become an author and/ or a buyer on Patchwork Marketplace.

What is a “resource” or “product”?

We use the term “resource” and “product” interchangeably to encapsulate any collection of materials that can be used to support a camp or recreation program, including activities, stories or books, presentations, games, printables, songs, scripts, training materials, and evaluations.

Who creates the resources available on the Patchwork Marketplace?

Anyone with a registered Patchwork Marketplace sellers account can offer their resource materials through the Patchwork Marketplace. Most resources have been created by camp and recreation professionals.

How do I log in?

Click on Log In at the top of any page and use your username and password.

What if I can't log in?

Please email support@patchworkmarketplace.com and we will help you with any log in issues you may have.