We love our Patchwork Marketplace authors, they’re brilliant and creative… and the whole reason we’re able to offer you such useful resources at such reasonable rates!
So, we thought it would be cool if we all got to know our authors a little better.

Welcome to our second instalment of our new monthly series where we shine the spotlight on one of our authors and find out more about them, like why Tyler’s store suddenly explodes with resources sometimes.

October Author Bio – Spotlight on Tyler Hayden

1. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Tyler Hayden.  I am a full-time motivational speaker and team designer.
I work internationally helping people to achieve their best.  My expertise for the last 21 years of business has been in the areas of work life balance, leadership and team building.

I am the author of over 20 books, dvd’s, apps, games, and more.  I live in the UNESCO designated town of Lunenburg in Nova Scotia, Canada.  I live on the only registered farm within the town limits where we have raised free range Chickens and Eggs.  I have two amazing daughters who are active athletes.  In my spare time I work the farm and love to build Maude Lewis inspired sculpture and paintings.



2. How many years have you been involved in camping/ recreation/ any other career you have?

I have a degree from Acadia University in Recreation Management with a major in Outdoor and Environmental Education. 
As a child I attended camps in Florida and Ontario – ranging from a waterski camp to church camp and remote wilderness expedition program to day camps.  During university I worked for YMCA Camp PineCrest in northern Ontario.  I was the manager of Environmental and Earth Education.
After graduation I opened my own “outward bound” inspired business – ran that for 5 years and then morphed the business into what it is today.


3. What brought you to Patchwork? Why did you start your store?

An alumni friend posted about Patchwork.  I checked out what you guys were all about.  Loved the idea that some of my “treasure trove” of activities could help in the camping world (a place my heart lives) … and subsequently brought as many packages as I could to your platform at affordable prices.


4. What is your store’s name? Is there a story or reason behind the name?

I have no idea. LOL … I just log in and post them …

(Editor’s note: It’s called Team Mover, and it’s awesome!)


5. What is your favourite topic to write about? What inspires your theme ideas?

Team building is topic I tend to write the most about. I’m inspired to write and build affordable products that are tested and easy for people to download and use.
Over the last two decades in the business of Team Building I’ve noticed that facilitators are providing a disservice to their learners because they don’t understand how and who needs which team building products/services.  So I have designed a process using Multiple Intelligences (Howard Gardener) to design an assessment tool to best fit team building so that learners receive the most value from the learning experience. 
This spawned my www.teammover.com approach to delivering learning for teams.


6. What is your writing process?

I have ADHD … I hyper focus really well … you’ll find my store has X amount of products then BAM the next day there are like 6 more … I go into an extreme production mode and grind out product.  Then ship it to my editor and graphic designer – because my belief is that it should look pretty and be correct.


7. What is your strategy when deciding prices for your resources?

My pricing strategy is simple.  I build products to help support my clients.  I charge a premium price for consulting and speaking services – my products on the other hand are great entry points or easily affordable supports after an event.

I’m in this to get people using good tools that help their teams … so I keep my prices as affordable as possible.  I even give boat loads away after a keynote or consulting project.


8. What is your favourite resource you’ve created?

That’s a tough one … I built a Team Building App – that’s pretty cool.  My fav at Patchwork is likely the Team Building 20 series.


9. What is your favourite Patchwork resource someone else has created?

I checked one out How to Create an Escape Room at Camp by Curt Jackson – I was hired to write an article for the Escape Room Association in the USA about team building and their services.

I was interested to see that these were a “thing” in camps – definitely different from my days at the YMCA 🙂


10. What do you think are the most important things to include in a resource?

I think it should be professionally laid out so that it is efficiently and effectively usable for the buyer.  Camp life is busy enough and having to deal with pesky time suckers and inefficiencies is not an option – its steals time from campfires and sunsets.


11. What has been your biggest challenge in creating resources for Patchwork?

Time.  I would love to have another 24 hours in every day.  My hard drive still has 100’s of hours of resources – I just need more time to get them positioned for this amazing platform.


12. What advice would you give someone who’s one the fence about becoming a Patchwork seller?

I was told by one of my mentors the late Dan Poynter of Parapublishing – “No one should die with a book inside of them.”  I believe that everyone has something to share and in that sharing we all are able to help build better global realities.  Your thoughts, your programs, you deserve to be shared with others.


13. Please provide a way for people to connect with you.

Keynote – www.tylerhayden.com
Author – www.messageinabottlebook.com
Author – www.14minutementor.com
eLearning – www.teammover.com



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