It’s been a whirlwind year here at Patchwork Marketplace.
February marks our one year anniversary, and we’ve not only been celebrating all month (did you take part in our FaceBook party?) but we’ve been taking time to reflect on how much we’ve learned and how much Patchwork has grown over the course of the year.
In fact we’re growing our user base so quickly that we couldn’t keep up for this infographic!

These numbers are all as of February 8th, 2018, and we had 574 users but we’ve gained a few dozen users since that time. (Seems like our party worked!)

We’ve JUST started awarding points for things like purchases and reviews in January (click here for more info on points), and look at how many have been awarded already!
AND for the month of February, we’re giving 100 points to anyone who leaves a review on our Rec Heads and Camp Nerds podcast iTunes page. Check it out.

So, all of this just to say, “Thanks!”
Thanks for being a part of Patchwork, for visiting the website, purchasing resources, CREATING resources, listening to the podcast, and spreading the word to your colleagues and friends who could benefit from our community.

Here’s to a wonderful year two!!

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