Episode 30: Time Fillers  (a.k.a. Boredom Busters)



Worried about your campers getting bored? Our hosts share their lists of backpocket games to keep participants occupied during transition times or down times that will keep them engaged and entertained.

Curt tells us about his favourite roundtable submission – Rainy Day Boxes (let us know if you’re the mystery author of the submission Curt chose, and we’ll add your name to the shownotes)

Get out ya pens folks, we cover riddles and mysteries about marriage, horses, men on mountains.
AND there’s a riddles vs. one minute mystery debate. What’s your definition of a riddle vs mystery?

We also hear tongue twisters about shells, bears, woodchucks, toy boats, toads, sunshine – and Patti’s mild lisp.

Our hosts chat about either/ or questions, camp trivia, stumping counsellors, and secret society games.
Of those secret society games they discuss black magic, magic numbers, sticks, Johnny Oops, markers, and dreams.

They list a bunch of attention getters, give tips on charades, small circle games…. and line games… and acknowledge that they’re opposite things.

Things we’re grateful for

Curt is grateful for the thing he uses to replace a lost can opener and Patti is grateful for something that a lot of people would call cheesy.

Random Questions

What is the oldest thing that you own?
Curt – His answer inspires Patti to break out into song. And then throws it back to 92.
Patti – Uses hers non-stop.

If you won 50 million dollars in the lottery, would you still work?
Patti – Basically this.
Curt – Maybe Disney, cause obviously.

Things Mentioned

Check out Curt’s Hip Pocket Booklet Template
Zip Zap Zop
Ah So Koh (or Ah So Gi)
Count to 10 (or 20)
Baby, If You Love Me 
More Minute Mysteries

How to reach us

Curt: Summer Camp Pro

Patti: The Camp Nerd

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