Episode 1: Wrapping Up Camp and Ramping Up in Recreation



It’s September, that means many camp professionals are wrapping up camp and looking to the next 9 months of preparation, and those in community recreation are ramping up for a full season of programming. Curt & Patti, long-time camp and rec staff, discuss their top tips for a successful transition season.

They also talk about what the ultimate camp themed restaurant would look like and debate who would make a better camp counsellor Luke vs. Rey and Superman vs. Batman.

In their inaugural episode, Curt & Patti talk a little bit about themselves, where they’ve worked and where they are in the world.

We also learn about Patchwork Marketplace, the brainchild that brought these two together.

Patchwork Marketplace is a digital marketplace where camp and rec pros can buy/ sell unique resources for affordable prices.

Camp Themed Restaurant

Patti informs Curt that his brilliant idea for a camp themed restaurant is too late, because it’s already being done. Curt lets us know what his ideal camp themed restaurant would include.

Wrapping up Camp

Patti and Curt go over their top 5 suggestions for camp pros wrapping up camp, including report writing and planning professional development.
Patti demands 100% on this ‘test’.

Ramping up Recreation

Curt and Patti not only discuss their top recommendations for recreation professionals gearing up for their year, but also the importance of elves in a breakfast with Santa update, and what “spontaneous dance breaks” actually means.

Things we’re grateful for

Curt is grateful for his camp and rec experience… Patti’s grateful to a YouTube star…  Curt’s jealous.

Random questions of the week

Who would make a better camp counsellor Luke Skywalker or Rey, Superman or Batman?

How to reach us

Curt: Summer Camp Pro

Patti: The Camp Nerd

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