Episode 11: Supervising Millennials with Lanet Hane


Camp Directors & Rec Managers – if you only listen to one podcast this year, make this the one!
(But… feel free to listen to a few more if you like this one. Wink)

Our hosts chat with millennial master (literally, she has her M.A. in youth development with a focus on millennial audiences), Lanet Hane about her work with companies and camps in supporting the millennial workforce and bridging the gap between generations through her business, Workforce Satisfaction Solutions (WSS).

And she offers some five star advice, folks!

We also find out what Lanet does at least once a day, because you only live once!!
AND we learn what a Bizmark is!!!

What we’re watching

Psych, 80’s & 90’s action movies (but only ones with clean people), Dr. Who, and Curve

What does WSS do?

  • Online trainings internationally, primarily for Linkedin connections
  • 2-4 hour workshops for companies
  • Training consultations for summer camps

Lanet also tackles the big question “What is a millennial?”

And even though Lanet gives us a straight numbers answer to go by, she also has some great insight into what ELSE makes someone a millennial in terms of technology, education, and lifestyle.

“The group of people who are raised at a time when tech has really changed the way our world looks at things…”

Lanet explains what’s unique about working with millennials and gives us her top three tips for working with them, she also talks about the biggest misconception millennials encounter and offers a shift in perspective to help understand where the misconception is coming from.

We also find out her brilliant plans for a Lego camp AND boat!!!

How to reach Lanet

Workforce Satisfaction Solutuions

Lanet Hane


Things we’re grateful for

Lanet’s grateful for her big sis’s support and business prowess (you guys, there’s TEN siblings in Lanet’s family), Curt’s grateful for variety in music, Patti’s grateful for the silver haired folks who’ve been kind and helpful to her.

Check out Lanet’s awesome sister’s website and show her some love www.NellieBellie.com

Random Questions

If you had to choose an age to get bitten by a vampire (and stay that age), what would it be?

Lanet – Her current age, cause she can do ALL the things!
Patti – Chooses 30 because it’s the age she finally felt like she “arrived”
Curt – Chooses 27 – just cause it’s a good age

Would you rather be the best player on a horrible team, OR the worst player on a great team?

Curt – Starts talking about averages, then goes against his theory and decides to coach
Lanet – Chooses being frustrated over feeling crappy
Patti – Just wants to learn, and apparently has a worst player t-shirt!

How to reach us

Curt: Summer Camp Pro

Patti: The Camp Nerd


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