Episode 12: Parent/Child Community Events



Recreation professionals, need some parent (or guardian)/ child events?
Have we got a list for you!! Our hosts Patti & Curt get creative and come up with some awesome and weird ways to get families, or specific members of families active and engaged in your community recreation programs.

We find out that Patti was against this idea at first because all she could find in her research was tea parties and fishing – but she did a little time travelling until she came around and came up with some SUPER weird ideas.

We also find out Curt’s travel plans (spoiler, he’s in Arizona) and is making his way to Florida to run an Escape Room workshop for the ACA.

AND we talk about the meet up that we’d like to have at Tri-State. Would you guys come hang out with us?


Parent/ Child Themed Events


Father/ Daughter

  • Father/ Daughter Dance – with additional activities
  • Princess Zombie Slayer – Lazer Tag
  • Dinner & Show
  • Teddy Bears in Space

Mother/ Daughter

  • Superhero BBQ/ Tea
  • Tie dye Madness
  • Four Wheels in Heels
  • Game Show Night

Mother / Son

  • Doggies & Diamonds
  • Hoedown
  • Consoles & Cookies
  • Formal Dinner

Father/ Son

  • Cartoons & Comic Books
  • Bike Ride
  • T-shirts & T-Bones
  • Campfire (The whole works)
  • Back In My Day Event

General Parent/ Child

  • Dinner Cruise
  • Jam Session
  • Bowling (pssst, it’s called a gutter guard)
  • Paint Night & Chocolate Milk
  • Sporting Event
  • Coding or App Design
  • Paired Talent Show
  • Community Project
  • Indoor Carnival
  • Red Carpet Movie


Things we’re grateful for

Curt is grateful for showers – guys, he’s been watching western’s again!
Patti is grateful for her animals – and that she didn’t unintentionally murder them!

Random Questions

Due to some technical difficulties there are no random questions this episode. They were awesome questions too! But don’t worry, they’ll be back next week.
If you have any ideas on some fun questions we can ask each other, leave them in the comments below.
(OR if you like it better without the questions, let us know that too)

How to reach us

Curt: Summer Camp Pro

Patti: The Camp Nerd

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