Episode 13: Starting over as New Management with Barb Weeden



Starting over at a new camp is hard, Barb Weedon knows a thing or two about it and drops some “gems of wisdom” on us about how to get through your first summer in a leadership position at a new camp.

We also find out that Barb grew up with 6000 turkeys and that Patti is not Heather and she’s never going to be Heather.

What we’re reading:
Barb – The Alchemist
Patti – You are a Badass
Curt – Fable Haven

Barb shares some fun facts with us and gives us some advice on what the most important thing a director can do their first summer at a new camp:

“Embrace it, learn the traditions, learn the programs, learn about the people and try not to change too much.”

Curt and Barb discuss their number one tip for implementing changes at camp, and Patti and Barb reminisce about times they’ve had to fill the shoes of a beloved previous director.

The also agree on the one time when it’s okay to make some big changes right off the bat.

Barb fills us in on what she would do with an unlimited amount of Lego’s – spoiler, it involves Matthew MaConaughey, Rosie the Dragon, a trip to Australia, and a big party!

How to reach Barb


Things we’re grateful for

Curt is grateful for movies, Barb is loving Mother Nature, and Patti is pretty happy about organized camping associations.

Random Questions

If you had to choose between a magic wand or Jedi mind powers, which would you choose?

Barb – Chooses hers based on past successes and traffic!
Curt – Chooses his based on program loyalty.
Patti – Chooses hers to avoid divorce, and because she’s forgetful and maybe a little lazy.

If you were guaranteed to be successful in any other profession, what would you do?

Patti would be an author, since she could avoid being told her work was “garbage”, Curt would be a voice actor and probably end up on the Simpsons, and Barb would be a Rockette since the height requirement wouldn’t be an issue.

If you could sit beside anyone on an airplane that was leaving tomorrow for an 18 hour flight, who would you choose and why?

Patti – Made her choice based on inspiration, a private plane, and ‘fancy hand sanitizer’.
Barb – Just wants to laugh and be entertained, and maybe dance in first class.
Curt – Cheated. He chose two people, because he’s a rule breaker. But they’re brothers, so we’ll give it to him – and he wants to be inspired and learn from the greats.

How to reach us

Curt: Summer Camp Pro

Patti: The Camp Nerd


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