Episode 14: A Conversation About the Future of Amazing Parks and Recreation Facilities with Becky Dunlap



Innovation, collaboration, and thoughtful leadership in parks & recreation are things that Becky Dunlap is passionate about, and we get to chat with her about that in this week’s episode.

Becky tells us about herself in the form of two truths and a lie (an old camp game), can you choose which one isn’t true (before you listen to the episode)? Tell us your answer in the comment section below.

  • She’s an avid rock climber
  • She loves mountain biking with her dog
  • She can see the Great Sand Dunes National Park from her window

We chat about what we’re watching Curt saw Thor- Ragnarock, Becky is watching Tiny House Hunters, and Patti watched Law & Order, True Crime – The Menendez Brothers.

Next we learn about Becky following her passion, a big move, and her dream job.

She also chats about disparity in recreation programs,
“I think that what we do sometimes can be overcomplicated, but we’re really just providing quality of life and I think that when we realize that, we can start providing the open spaces, those parks, those simple experiences that people can connect not only to nature, but also to the dedicated professionals that are in their local communities…” 

Becky gives her opinion about using technology and being innovative in recreation agencies, such as online registration, Class Pass, GroupOn, and some of the challenges that rec departments run into when trying to implement new technologies.

She also tells us about a SUPER cool partnership between a challenge course and a local park and discusses emerging trends in recreation.

How to reach Becky

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Becky Talks Parks

 Becky Dunlap

Things we’re grateful for

Patti’s grateful for her husband and his support of her entrepreneurial adventure.
Becky is grateful for a job she loves that gives her the ability to travel the USA visiting parks with her husband.
Curt is grateful for supervisors and EDs who give staff the chance to be creative with their programs.

Random Questions

What’s the best piece of random advice anyone has ever given you?

Curt – Received some constructive criticism about being lazy and it changed his life
Becky – Was advised that you can’t live your life by anybody else’s expectations, and it helped her make a big decision
Patti – Learned about the importance of moisturizing a certain part of your body…

This question comes from Melanie Dash via “The Twitter” and it’s:
What’s your “back in my day” story?

Curt – Remembers rotary phones, and the frustration of checking the movie listings
Becky – Remembers dial-up internet, and losing all her work when her sister would pick up the phone
Patti – Remembers needing to get up to change the channels on the TV;
Does anyone remember what the two dials were for???

How to reach us

Curt: Summer Camp Pro

Patti: The Camp Nerd

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