Episode 18: Community Wide Games & Competitions 



Our hosts chat about all the BIG games and competitions you can run in your community.
They’re not only great community builders but can also work as excellent fundraisers!
Below is a list of everything talked about during the podcast, but you need to listen in for the details!!

Food & Drink

Chili cook off, BBQ competition, burger competition, dessert, bacon, sandwich, soup, food truck, bartender, squirrel, jane austen festivle scone contest, ice cream crank off.

Cooking competitions are good… eating competitions are bad.

Holiday based

Best lawn, best Christmas decorations, Halloween, Easter egg hunt – city wide, best costume, gingerbread house competition, colouring contest, window painting competition, St. Paddy’s day gold rush…oh, and a pumpkin regatta.

Location based

Surf competition, sailing competition, rubber ducky races, lifeguard competitions, fishing derby, off road vehicles race, museum scavenger hunt


Volleyball, basketball, kickball, dodgeball, golf

Health & Fitness based

Crossfit games, biggest loser, dietbet, fun runs and races, poker ride – on horses? Apparently Curt grew up in Little House on the Prairie. Wife carrying competitions – youtube it or a kid based one, where they carry their teddy bear – Cute!!, Highland games

Arts Based

Battle of the bands, film competition, talent show, photography competition, plein air (in the open air painting competition), dancing with the (local) stars, volunteer art auction

Hunts & Races

Scavenger hunt or treasure hunt, urban race or hunt – with a trivia starting line!
Adventure race, in the community park or woods, dog-agility course (totally Doggies & Diamonds all over again!), spelling bee, soap box races – click the link guys, I totally couldn’t resist! (or a Flintstone race. Also, we totally called them boxcar races during the episode), amazing race, capture the flag- town/ city wide,

Random Stuff

Escape room competition, code breaking in a museum, video gaming competition, QR code puzzles, ultimate rock, paper, scissors, Chase the Ace,  horseshoe, cornhole, washer toss, bingo, and marble racing

Things to consider:

Washrooms avaliable
Wifi (cell service)
Hashtags – to encourage sharing and organic promotion
Sineage, ballons,
Parking or shuttle busses
Clear directions
Promotion – radio station, newspaper, tv

Things we’re grateful for

Curt – Alexa – Amazon Echo – his new favourite toy (apparently he’s not wearing his tinfoil hat enough!)
Patti – fresh water – cause not everyone has access to it

Random Questions

Have you ever broken a bone?
Patti broke a bone during a leprechaun kick. And shares the saga of her cast experience.
Curt broke ALL THE THINGS!! He rolled off a bed and crashed his bike.

If you could shop for free at one store, which one would you choose?
Curt – Local RV dealership OR Best Buy
Patti – Amazon (but that’s sort of cheating), so Chapters – cause books, yo!

How to reach us

Curt: Summer Camp Pro

Patti: The Camp Nerd

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