Episode 19: Making the Most of Conferences and Trainings



Thinking about attending a camp or rec conference this season?

Well this episode is for you!

Curt has not only attended a number of conferences over the years, but he’s presented at some of them too – he shares his tips and tricks with us on how to get the most out of your conference experience.

Patti’s never been to one of the big camping conferences so she has a bunch of questions, hopefully the answers will help future conference goers feel prepared and excited for the upcoming season.

Curt walks us through the steps to having a successful conference season, from pre-conference preparations like setting your out-of-office reply and creating a plan of attack with your team to his advice on how to connect with, or actually become a speaker at one of these events.

He gives tips on the best time for networking, and the keys to maintaining those relationships after the conference ends and even shares some thoughts on what he would love to do if he ran his own conference.

What do you think? Should we put a Patchwork camp & rec conference on our to do list?
Tell us in the comment section if this is something you’d like to see in the future.

Curt will be attending the ACA National Conference in February be sure to check out his Escape Room session.

And both of our hosts will be at the ACA TriState conference in March. Keep an eye out for updates about an informal meet & greet.

Random Questions

What is you favorite Pixar movie?

If you had to relive a day of your life from summer camp in a Groundhog Day scenario, what would it be and why?
(This question was suggested by the crew at Campfires and Color Wars.)

How to reach us

Curt: Summer Camp Pro

Patti: The Camp Nerd

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