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Episode 2: Melanie Dash & Camp No Limits



 Ever wonder what it’s like to run a camp that travels to multiple States across the USA?
This episode’s guest, Melanie Dash runs Camp No Limits, a summer camp for children and youth living with limb loss or differences and their families. They run in 8 states and are continuing to expand.

They also talk about the books they’re currently reading; Curt is learning a new skill, Mel’s revisiting an old favorite, and Patti is SUPER excited about connections being made in the world.

How it all came to be

Mel fills us in on how she became involved in camping, and more specifically Camp No Limits. She talks about being introduced to camp during her undergrad and later returning to school for a second degree and how she stayed involved in the camping community while she figured out what her next career step would be.

We also learn a little bit about how stressful getting approved for a US work visa can be.

About Camp No Limits

We learn what Mel considers the hardest thing about packing up and moving from location to location, and the benefit of LL Bean bags. We also find out how parents REALLY feel about sleeping on bunk beds, and Mel’s favorite thing about working at Camp No Limits.

AND we find out what Mel would do with an unlimited amount of Legos (her answer is adorable).

Things we’re grateful for

Mel is grateful for a new BFFL (best friend for life) she’s made through camp, Curt is also thankful for his bestie (of the four-legged variety), and Patti’s grateful for a Canadian icon.

Random questions of the week

What’s your favorite beverage? Patti is a Canadian stereotype, Mel’s been drinking celebratory margaritas, and Curt gets judged HARD for his drink of choice.

What’s your favorite romantic comedy? Mel has the best answer, Curt’s answer shut down the podcast, and Patti lost all of her friends by confessing she’s never seen a certain movie.

How to reach us

Curt: Summer Camp Pro

Patti: The Camp Nerd

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