Episode 21: Adding Whimsy to Your Camp



Make sure your campers have an extra special experience this summer by adding some whimsy to your program. Our hosts list 100 things you can do to add whimsy to your camp AND they play a fun game of word association with their suggestions.

They cover everything from how to use paint to spice up your indoor and outdoor spaces  (even toilet seats!), to making gardens, tree houses, nature paths, and playgrounds more unique and fun.

Both hosts agree that it’s the little details that make a space or program feel magical, and that fairies, knomes, and monsters in ghillie suits should not only roam the woods, but should be encouraged, embraced, and written to.

They also wonder about why adults feel sick on swing sets or carnival rides – feel free to shed some light!

Learn how to make story books come to life with reading nooks, decorated spaces, book trees, signs to fantasy lands and costumed staff.

Many of the suggestions need to be seen to be believed, so they’re all available on this Pinterest board.

For more inspiration check out Curt’s blog posts on adding whimsy to your camp, they can be found here  and here.

There were so many ideas being shouted out that we ran out of time to talk about gratitude or random questions – but now’s a great time to thank YOU for listening in, and reading the show notes. 🙂

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