Episode 23: Recruiting and Interviewing Staff



It’s hiring season! You’re either up to your eyeballs in staff applications, or crying for just a few great folks to apply – there isn’t usually a lot of in-between. Our hosts have some thoughts on everything from where to find staff, to how to make them feel comfortable during the interview AND we find out why Curt wants to put a bounty on staff and why Patti was hassling a kid in the street.

What we’re watching

Patti’s been binge watching Grey’s Anatomy so she can “feel the feels”, Curt is watching Gortimer Gibbons Life on Normal Street on Amazon.

In this episode

Our hosts list off all the places (they can think of) for you to find staff, and chat about power dynamics, age limits, experience in different programs, and that awkward moment when friends apply and only one gets hired.

Curt recommends holding some spots for great resumes received late in the season, we find out Patti’s a fraud and shouldn’t be giving advice(!), and we learn about a camp director who withholds references for acts of treason. (Guys, don’t be that camp director.)

Patti and Curt decide an “LIT swap” would be super cool, and want to hear from any camps that do something like that.

We also get some tips on scheduling  and running your interviews, from batch days, to setting up the room, using body language, and what type of interview questions to ask. (There’s a small part of this discussion might not be safe for work, at about the 54 minute mark!)

Curt recommends giving out business cards saying “I think you’re great, come work for me.” as a recruiting tool and tells us how he really feels about group interviews and Patti just really wants everyone to practice self care and be kind to each other.

Both hosts agree that for the love of all things good in the world – it’s so important to include this one thing on your job posting.

Resources listed in this episode

The Camp Nerd – Camp Counsellor Hiring Season
Camp Code – ep 39 Staff applications are part of your training
Camp Staff
Barefoot Student
Outdoor Ed
ACA Job Board
Ep 17 Hiring International Camp Staff with Mike Fried of CCUSA
Rich Rinaldi’s website seems to be down at the moment BUT he has a few awesome resources in his store, Lights Out at Camp to help with hiring!
Curt’s Resource – 100 Interview questions for potential camp staff
Patti’s Resource – Interview questions for support staff

What are your tips on interviewing? We’d love to hear from you about your tips and tricks, and if you do an LIT swap!

Things we’re grateful for

Curt is grateful for olfactory senses, the good smells like campfires and the ‘danger’ smells like rotten food.
Patti is grateful for failure and all the things you learn from it.

pssst… don’t miss the bloopers for an appearance from Grandpa Sampson, snortin’ and wheezin’.


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Curt: Summer Camp Pro

Patti: The Camp Nerd

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