Episode 33: Is Camp for Everyone?



Curt and Patti discuss the types of camps available and try to answer the question “is camp for everyone?”.
By examining programs, staff hiring, and representation, our hosts come to a conclusion, listen in to see if you agree.

What they’re listening to right now:

Patti – Dem Beats – Todrick Hall
Curt – Akimbo Podcast – Seth Godin and Level 42

Curt described how an Akimbo episode about pilots inspired this discussion.
Patti references this article, and her and Curt talk about different programs meeting individual camper’s needs.

They also discuss how Allison Vining’s method of letting campers be in charge plays into this concept of making camp meet everyone’s needs, and they give a preview of their conversation with Tyler Haden, coming up next week.

Curt comes up with a new software idea for you guys to create and ‘be awesome’. Our hosts also touch on creating camp culture among staff and campers.

Patti jumps on her soapbox for a minute to talk about disparity in camping, and she and Curt come to a conclusion about whether or not camping is for everyone.

Reach out to us to tell us how you are making camp an inclusive space for everyone, we’d love to hear about your program and have you on the podcast.

Things we’re grateful for

Curt – Different kinds of people (except the sucky kind)
Patti – Her bestie, Sarah.

Random Questions

If you were to create a retail store, what you sell and what would be special about it?

Patti – Pitches Patchwork and would put her husband to work.
Curt – A theme warehouse.

What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

Curt – Thought he was a traffic Jedi. (And actually saw the original Star Wars in theatre!)
Patti – Lies to campers.
Tried to convince her mom that she had three different columns in her belly for different parts of the meal.

How to reach us

Curt: Summer Camp Pro

Patti: The Camp Nerd


  1. Joseph Peak

    Hey all! Great episode. Your chat about how camps unintentionally exclude lower economic demographics made a lot of sense. I remember hearing a similar floor of thought in “But we’re not in it for the money”.
    I actually interned with a camp that is primarily African-American. It’s called Cedine Bible Camp. They started back in the forties and a response to segregation. Because of its history, the camp is still primarily African-American, but they are looking to develop a broader multi-cultural atmosphere. Cedine certainly experiences the same middle class staffing issue you described, but they could be a good resource for discussion on being inclusive.
    I can get you in touch with the general director if you’re interested. No pressure though! Thanks again for what y’all do!!

    • Curt Jackson

      Hi Joseph,
      Thanks so much for your comment! It means so much to us when people take the time to give us feedback!
      It would be fantastic if you could put us in touch with your contact at Cedine Bible Camp, thank you so much for the offer!!
      You can email Patti at patti@patchworkmarketplace.com
      You’re a rockstar!!

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