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Episode 41: Campmances



What, exactly, is a campmance? Do you allow them at your camp?
Our hosts go over how to deal with staff in a relationship, how to prevent drama, and share some past campmance experiences.

Curt fills us in on his new (old now, this was recorded a while ago) life situation.

Curt also shares about the time he was ‘outed’ by his camp director as being in a campmance, shares some stories about past campmances, and both of our hosts give some tips and advice for talking about romance at camp with your staff.
We find out what Patti’s staff member thought she was talking about during her ‘campmance speech’ and it really illuminates the importance of clear communication, and Curt shares his brilliant idea for a dating app.

Patti also wrote a blog post about all of this over on The Camp Nerd blog.

Things we’re grateful for

Patti – Kind people. Katrina Dearden  & Jason Brown, specifically.

Curt – Digital clocks (also, we learn that neither Curt nor Patti can tell time!!)
Can you guys tell time? Do you use a sundial?

Random Questions

If you could hang out with the cast of any movie or tv show, who would it be?
Curt – Jumanji
Patti – One Tree Hill

What’s your favourite word?
Curt – Shenanigans or Phenomonin
Patti – Onomatopoeia

How to reach us

Curt: Summer Camp Pro

Patti: The Camp Nerd

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