Episode 51: Eleven Unique Summer Camp Program Ideas



In our final episode of our Quick Bites series, Curt walks us through some of his favourite submissions from his round table compilations.
These creative program ideas are a great way of rebooting your program offerings for next summer and getting some inspiration for your year round activities.
Don’t forget to read all the way to the bottom of the show notes for a special giveaway from Curt’s Patchwork store.

The ideas in this episode came from a variety of talented camp pros:

Impossible Shot was submitted by Philip Drake
30 Second Dance Party was submitted by David Brizius
Mascot Mailbox was submitted by Emily Melear
Secret Stones was a collection of ideas inspired by a submission from Meghan Fenlon
Last Night Ceremony was submitted by Karla Deaver
Mail Ninjas was submitted by Jessica Tenhor
Choose Your Own Adventure Tuesday was submitted by Heidi Wodrich
7 Wonders of Camp _____ was submitted by Cory Harrison
Let’s Make a Deal was submitted by Curt Jackson
What’s In The Box was submitted by Janine (a.k.a. Mango)  (How many of you got our Seven reference?)
Versus was submitted by Janine (a.k.a. Mango)

As promised, for checking out the show notes of this episode we have a special gift for you, a free copy of the 100 Outstanding Program Ideas ebook (pdf). Add it to your cart and use discount code PODCAST.

Things we’re grateful for

Curt – Animation … he loves cartoons, yo.

Patti – 80’s cartoons (specifically He-Man)

How to reach us

Curt: Summer Camp Pro

Patti: The Camp Nerd


  1. Joseph Peak

    Thanks so much for the free resource!
    I really appreciate what you two do. I’ve been using Summercamppro since I was an intern training in camp about two years ago. Now I’m about to become an camp director and am still living this material! Just discovered these podcasts this summer, and I am thrilled with them. I knew of Curt but was a little skeptical when I heard there was a co-host. However, Patti won me over with the first episode I listened to.
    Love the dynamic and character you reach bring to the show. It’s a good balance and makes for an easy listen. Looking forward to listing back through the previous episodes!
    P.S. The camp I’m about to direct is going to be a wilderness camp for it’s first few years. I would greatly appreciate an episode on wilderness camps to help me brainstorm.

    • Curt Jackson

      Hey Joseph, thanks for leaving a comment. Great to hear that my blog and our podcast has been beneficial for you. From intern to camp director in two years? Wow! That’s fantastic. I hope we can continue to create content that is useful to you and your work, whether that be on our blogs, as resources here on Patchwork, in upcoming training events, or in future podcast episodes.

      • Joseph Peak

        Yes, two years is a fairly quick time frame. It’s only fair to let you know that using your resources helped a ton in building my resume! Especially the book on building escaperooms. The success of that project has opened many opportunities for me to lead even bigger projects. Using your website as a reference, I put together an escape room and three themed hiking trails for my camp last summer, the kids (and staff) were especially excited about the escaperoom! This is definetly a website I’m recommending at my next regional camp meeting.

  2. Patti Sampson

    Thanks so much Joseph!!
    Your feedback means the world to us!
    I’ll absolutely add wilderness camps to the list of future episodes, thanks for the suggestion!
    There are going to be some changes coming to the podcast but I hope you’ll be willing to give it a chance like you did with me 🙂
    Also, if you’re listening to old episodes – ep 12 is one of my favourites, for the silliness factor alone!! Haha

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