Episode 52: Women In Camp Summit



We’re back with season two of the podcast and brining you something a little different. Patti went solo on this episode and chatted with some of the phenomenal women involved in organizing the Women In Camp Summit. This is a crossover episode with the Camp Code podcast.

Ruby Compton, Beth Allison, Colette Marquardt, and Kim Steiner joined Patti to discuss the Women In Camp Summit.

We find out where the idea for the summit came from, details on how to register, WHO should register, what to expect, and even a little inside scoop about what the organizers are most excited about.

For more information or to register for the summit visit the website here.

ALL the links!!!

Ruby’s Site – Ruby Outdoors
Beth’s Sites – Camp Hacker & GoCampPro

Colette & Kim – ACA Illinois

Camp Code Podcast

Women In Camp Summit 

Things we’re grateful for

Everyone was grateful for each other, and for getting to be a part of this movement.

Beth – Women on the committee & willingness to being part of a group facilitate filling a need, and being on Rec Heads & Camp Nerds to spread the word.

Colette – Planning group, being in a position to be involved in something so special and unique, all the people reaching out to help

Kim – The committee, learning, this movement, giving a voice to future generations.

Ruby – Technology and it’s ability to bring together the planning committee, the folks attending, and connections  that will be made.

Patti – Doers! These women specifically, and also just all people who get stuff done.

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