Episode 54: Conference Insider Tips with John Beitner



John Beitner from the ACA joins Patti to give some insider tips on attending conferences whether it’s your first or fifty-first one he has some advice for you. John also shares the secret to ensuring great evaluations as a presenter AND gives some major hints about who the top-secret keynote speakers are for Tri-State (to be announced in Mid-Oct) and fills us in on the exciting keynote at National this year.

PLUS Patti finally spills the beans on the big project she’s been teasing for a while.

John is the Professional development manager for the Eastern Region of the ACA, between he and his two colleagues they organize (almost) all of the Regional conferences in America. So he knows a thing or two about making the most out of conference season.

He shares some favourite moments from conferences he’s attended and gives some great advice for making connections at these amazing in-person events.

Patti finally shares the big news she’s been teasing – she and Curt are organizing the first digital Summer Camp Con (SCamp Con, as Curt likes to call it). Listen in to find out more.

Lightening Round

What book would you recommend for other camp and or recreation professionals?

Thomas Freedman – Thank You for Being Late.

What’s a word that has meaning for you professionally?


What’s one piece of advice you have for an emerging camp/ rec professional?

Use the ACA as a resource.

What’s your favourite quote?

Professor: “Don’t touch me, I’m a doctor.”

Judge: “Of what?”

Professor: “Music”

Judge: “Can you fix a HiFi”

Professor: “No”
Judge: “Then shut up.”

– What’s Up Doc? (Movie)

(Listen in to find out what a HiFi is!)

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