Episode 56: Unpacking Camp Pt: 1



Unpack your camp session with Professor Dave & Patti. Our hosts discuss some refection questions, and review the answers that were supplied on the Summer Camp Pros Facebook page.

Dave talks about the importance of pausing and shares his tips for making time for himself each day – and what he does to reboot his brain. Patti and Dave also discuss celebrating wins and the importance of taking some vacation this time of year.

Click here for Camp Hacker’s Calendar that Dave mentioned.

Click here for Calendly that Dave referenced.

Here are the questions we asked:

(Huge thanks to Seth Houser, Mike “Moose” Greenfield, and Chris Pot for your thoughtful replies.)

  1. What was your biggest success this camp season?
  2. What’s something you need to work on?
  3. What was your biggest challenge this season?
  4. And what are you doing in the next month to get ready for next summer?


Things we’re grateful for

Dave- That his pup, Brock, is healthy after a little scare.
(He’d also like some tips on walking methods/ tools).
We’re glad that Brock is feeling better too. (Doesn’t he look like he’s giving Dave a piece of his mind in the second photo? Hahaha)

Patti – Aging. She just had a birthday and is loving that every year of her 30’s gets better and better.

How to reach us

Patti: The Camp Nerd

Dave: Professor Dave

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