Episode 61: An Unexpected Camp Career with Philip Drake



Philip Drake has been with Mt Lou San Bible Camp for 20 years, and he loves it. Both him and his wife work there, but that wasn’t the plan when he started his university studies. Having never been to camp as a child or knowing anything about it, he feels blessed to have landed in a career that is such a great fit.

Curt is back for one episode and he interviews Philip about his experience with Mt Lou San. They talk about the neat programs Philip has created there and what they have done to revitalize a once successful camp that had lost its mojo. From 30 campers in the summer of ’99 to busting at the seams, innovative programming, a committed staff and alumni, and Philip’s passion are key factors of the current success of Mt Lou San.

Lightening Round

What book would you recommend for other camp and or recreation professionals?
Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung

What’s a word that has meaning for you professionally?
Excellence (Spirit of Excellence)

What’s one piece of advice you have for an emerging camp/ rec professional?
If you’re looking for a normal job go somewhere else. Be adaptable. Be prepared to learn a lot of new things.

What’s your favorite quote?
“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it’s thinking of yourself less.” ~C.S. Lewis

Things we’re grateful for

Philip – The ability to share truth with kids and teens for nearly 20 years and to have his family working with him at camp.
Curt – Laughter
Dry Bar Comedy – a favorite YouTube channel of Curt’s
Studio C – a favorite YouTube channel of Philip’s

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How to reach us

Curt: Summer Camp Pro

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