Episode 63: Winter Holiday Activities



Curt re-joins Patti for an old school list episode all about holiday activities.
We also get some spoilers about the upcoming SCamp Con, and get what is possibly the most hilarious, but NSFW bloopers!!

Here’s the list of ideas from the episode.

  1. Candy Cane Hunt
  2. Home Decorating Contest
  3. Holiday Charades
  4. Christmas Theme Escape Room
    • Click here for the Christmas Elf Escape mentioned in the episode
  5. Theatre Night/ Variety Show
  6. Reindeer Antlers
  7. Santa Calls
  8. Mrs. Claus Story Time
  9. Roll a Snowman
  10. Standup Comedy Night
  11. Ugly Sweater Potluck
  12. Minute To Win It
  13. Hanukkah Story Time & Craft
  14. Hot Wheels Racing
  15. Pin The Heart On The Grinch

Bonus New Year Ideas

  1. Youth Lockin
  2. Dinner – Formal Gala/ Casual/ Masquerade Ball
  3. Family Fun Night
  4. Polar Bear Dip

Check out our Pinterest Board for some of the ideas listed, as well as some sweet holiday jokes.

Things we’re grateful for

Curt – All the people who are supporting SCamp Con

Patti – Chocolate

How to reach us

Patti: The Camp Nerd

Curt: Summer Camp Pro


  1. Joseph Peak

    Great episode! Wish I’d taken time to listen to it before I led the games at the Staff Christmas party! Haha! I always enjoy being able to come away from these with a list of new toys (programs) to play with.
    Two additional ideas:
    1. I went to a neat program hosted by Camp Hydaway (an extension of Liberty University), in VA. They lined a main walkway through their camp with Christmas lights and as you walked along it you passed by multiple Christmas scenes they had put together around the camp. We passed by a gingerbread house, a nativity scene, and wandered through a candy cane forrest. In the middle of the camp they had set up a snack area with cookies, apple cider, hot chocolate, s’mores, and three fire pits. Nearby where a few Christmasy photo set ups where you could capture some holiday memories to share. Once you started back on the path, you came to a stand that allowed you to wood burn your own wood cookie Christmas ornament. a “write a letter to Santa” booth and “Holiday questions board” (large chalk boards with general questions like “Best gift you ever received” or “favorite holiday goodie”) were the last things before you found yourself back at the camp entrance. Pretty neat.
    2. Could Curt’s Home decorating contest be brought to camp? Perhaps you could have a certain amount of decorations at camp or in a recreation building and divide your guests up into teams. Give each team a share of the decorations and a certain amount of time to transform their designated building or room. Then have a panel of judges come and award the best decorated.
    Just some thoughts. Thanks for sharing a great list, y’all!

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