Episode 64: Answering Your Camp Questions


Our hosts answer your burning questions about dealing with burn out, stepping away from camp, staff appreciation, self care, fundraisers, and memorable campers.

There was a call on social media for questions and you guys sure delivered! Huge thanks to all those who submitted questions, there will be another episode like this in the future so if your question didn’t get answered, there’s always next time, and keep asking them in the meantime.

We also celebrate Dave’s anniversary, find out Dave & Patti’s couples names (not together… with their respective spouses) and what they’re grateful for.

  1. I’m a young director experiencing burn out. What do I do? Should this tell me something? How do I communicate this with my bosses? If I were to hypothetically work outside of camp for a while, would it be possible to get back in the game so to speak in a few years? – Anonymous
  2. In what ways do you show staff appreciation throughout the rest of the year? Do you do anything for staff birthdays? – Amy Monsky
  3. How do you teach staff the importance of self care but in a way that staff don’t take advantage of it? –Eliz Adem
  4. Fundraiser you’ve done with the most profit? (Most “worth if” value) –Alyssa Cameron
  5. Who is that camper you worked with that you’ll never forget and what made them so unforgettable? – Jason Brown


Things we’re grateful for

Dave – His beautiful, wonderful wife

Patti – Great Neighbours

How to reach us

Patti: The Camp Nerd

Dave: Professor Dave

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